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Huahuan Solutions for metro and access network

Now Huahuan’s products portfolio includes

  • SDH MSPP Multiplexer
  • TDM over IP
  • Ethernet over TDM
  • Ethernet over Fiber
  • Media Converter & Converter Pool
  • PDH Fiber Transmission Equipment
  • PCM Multiplexer/FOM, etc.


Breaking Transmission Bottlenecks bringing value to customers

High quality SDH/MSTP products connect you to the world

New era of optical access network products

Enterprise Gateway HEG2100

HEG2100 series enterprise gateway with the integration of route, exchange, firewall, VPN wireless access and business assistant functions in one, Huahuan develops  this access type gateway product thoughtfully in view of the small enterprise application needs, with many years technical accumulation,  four aspects have outstanding features in this product.


Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver with OAM function H0FL-11000N

Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver with OAM function , one 10/100/1000M adaptive electric port and one 100/1000M Ethernet optical port, support IEEE 802.3ah and in-band management.


SDH+PCM integrated multiplexer

H5600 provides various features and applies to different networking, meeting customers' requirements. The H5600 can be widely used in electric power, oil, municipal administration, water resources monitoring, traffic, military etc.


SDH/MSTP Multiplexer

Huahuan SDH/MSTP platform support multiple services (voice, data, video and LAN) over PDH, SDH and Ethernet links, with carrier class reliability and full hardware redundancy, ensuring maximum service uptime. 

TDM over IP

As a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet networking technology, H0FL-EthMux serial products adopt the innovative TDM over IP technology, with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of 1~16 E1s. 

PCM Multiplexer/FOM

Huahuan provide a serial of PCM aggregation device, it integrates audio, data, and video in one system(service card: E1 ,MDX,DATA,CHU,VIDEO card). 

Ethernet over Fiber

Huahuan extends the delivery of Ethernet services beyond copper-based access facilities and allows service providers the option to deliver Gigabit speeds to customers over optical facilities.  

Ethernet over TDM

Huahuan provide a comprehensive line of Ethernet access products for extension, demarcation and aggregation of Ethernet services over TDM networks.

Media Converter&Converter Pool

Huahuan provide a serial of media converters, offering copper to fiber and fiber to fiber media conversion in the following supported protocols: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, 100/100, 10/100/1000, T1/E1, DS3/E3, V.35 and so on.  

PDH Transmission Equipment

Huahuan PDH optical multiplexer have perfect alarm function, data office telephone optional, high reliability and stabilization, low power consumption, high integration, small bulk, easy installation and maintenance.  

PTN transmission device

PTN transmission device is used in packet transport network, using MPLS-TP technology and meeting the operator’s requirements for constant growth of the transmission network bandwidth and flexible bandwidth scheduling. 

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