MX series 3D Universal Edge Routers
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MX Series

3D Universal Edge Routers

A portfolio of SDN-ready edge routers that provide the industry-leading system capacity, density, and performance that enterprises, service providers and cloud operators need to thrive in our always on, always connected digital world.


  • Compact, full featured, software upgradeable
  • The MX5 is a compact, upgradeable, cost-effective router that is ideal for service provider and enterprise deployments with space and power constraints.

   20 Gbps Capacity


  • Ideal for space and power constraints
  • MX10 is a powerful, cost-effective router in a small form factor that is ideal for service provider and enterprise deployments with space and power constraints.

   40 Gbps Capacity


  • Flexible for campus and data center
  • The MX40 is flexible, software upgradeable, and perfect for campus or data center deployments in enterprise or service provider networks.

   60 Gbps Capacity


  • For enterprise or service provider networks
  • The MX80 supports two MIC slots and four 10GbE ports for flexible service in an enterprise or service provider network.

   80 Gbps Capacity


  • Edge services for metro service providers
  • The versatile MX104 router provides Ethernet aggregation and delivers edge services for metro service providers.

   20 Gbps Capacity  |  High redundancy  |  4 Slots


  • Agile and compact edge router for service provider applications.
  • The powerful and compact MX240 3D Universal Edge Router enables support for a wide range of enterprise, business and residential services as well as data center and enterprise applications.

    1.92 Tbps Capacity  |  3 Slots  |  Virtual Chassis


  • Agile edge router for service provider and cloud applications.
  • The MX480 3D Universal Edge Router enables service providers to deliver advanced business and residential applications and services.

   5.76 Tbps Capacity  |  6 Slots  |  Virtual Chassis


  • Reliability and performance at scale for service provider and enterprise applications.
  • The high-capacity MX960 3D Universal Edge Router is packed with highly scalable routing, switching, security, and service features that enable network consolidation and service convergence.

    10.56 Tbps Capacity  |  12 Slots  |  Virtual Chassis


  • High capacity, performance, and density.
  • The MX2010 3D Universal Edge Router presents 40 Tbps of system capacity and the ability to accommodate long-term growth of broadband traffic, subscribers, and services.

   40 Tbps Capacity  |  10 Slots  |  Virtual Chassis


  • Scale, performance, and density for the next decade.
  • The MX2020 3D Universal Edge Router is the highest capacity single-chassis edge router in the industry.

   40 Tbps Capacity  |  10 Slots  |  Virtual Chassis

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