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Rental & Network Equipment Asset Recovery

Octel Networks is your partner for Renting Cisco Systems Equipment.  We rent the full product line of Cisco Products, including the rental of Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Cisco Voice Gateways and Cisco PIX Firewalls. We offer flexible terms (as short as one week).

How much income-generating business could have been bought in for the   cash  that’s being laid out for equipment?”, If this is the question you always scratch your  head upon, than we’ve got the answer - Rent it. Renting - the best preferred alternative. We at Octel, firmly believe that every penny saved is a penny earned. Renting equipment is a cost-effective method to avoid downtime, to solve short-term needs, or to concept-test a network configuration.

Whether your need to rent Cisco Equipment is one month, two months or six months, Octel Networks has the Cisco Equipment you need to rent at great prices & quick delivery.

You no longer need to purchase a blanket of brand new technology or pay large sums of cash upfront or even buy your equipment through a traditional banker’s lease.Octel Networks understands your requirement and thus we provide you the extra option of renting the best technology from us and that too at the best market price.

Renting is ideal for :

   Training Courses

   Conferences and Exhibitions


   Budget and Capital Constraints

   Special Projects

   Work Overload

   Try before you buy

Networking Equipment Asset Recovery

   Selling your product surplus is a great way for you to save money for use towards future purchases. Octel Networks will buy your used or excess networking equipment - including routers, switches, firewalls, modules, and more.

   Trade-in options are also available, providing a quick and cost effective way to upgrade to more current equipment. With a trade-in, we will use the value of any product you sell to us towards your purchases; further reducing the cost of fully tested and guaranteed networking products.

   We offer competitive pricing and have the ability to buy both large and small quantities.

   Selling your equipment to Octel Networks provides you with immediate liquidity for high market value.


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